Clingendael, Victoria Golf and Country Resort


The first breath of inspiration for our Spa is drawn from the stunning scenery.
Paradise itself provides the essential ingredients for all our treatments.

The charming spa at the top of Clingendael’s garden is oh so inviting. Resident guests are treated to a complimentary 30 minute massage with the two night minimum stay. And after this relaxing taster, I am sure many will return for a longer treatment. I pop open the wooden gates and step across the small bridge to the wooden platform, being greeted with a cold towel and a smiling face is always a good start to any treatment. White curtains billow in the noontime breeze, shielding us from the Sri Lankan sun. Perusing the massage menu I select the Detox Massage, Monica had the Holistic, which she reported was very relaxing, and she adored the natural lime balm produced right here in Sri Lanka. Loving to see also locally sourced products being used. I’m presented with a basket and asked to select what I like. I’m torn between a gorgeous smelling ginger balm and the ayurvedic oil, but settle on the latter. The outdoor bathroom is sheltered by a glass roof but nonetheless gives the full sensation of being out in the elements. The water feature on the wall drips with a soft rhythm and this, together with the gentle wind creates a soothing natural sound bath that soon has me drifting away. The Sri Lankan masseuse is very thorough and takes care to attend to all those tricky spots behind the shoulders and at the base of the spine, gently wending away all tensions and niggling pains. Massage can also be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room, but this little natural spot has a special feeling that is really not to be missed.

(The Yumlist - KL - Malaysia)